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Vines in the Crags
Plett finally has a wine farm within easy reach. Situated in the Crags, it is fast becoming known for a very drinkable Savignon Blanc, part of it's BEE wine range. (tasted recently by the writer) as well as an excellent Estate bubbly (tasted recently by friends of writer). The farm's restaurant called Bramon, serves up homemade cheeses, salamis and breads, which along with oysters from Knysna make this a truly unique Garden Route experience. Ph : Charl 082 877 1508

Robberg Fishing Huts
Thanks to the efforts of the Robberg Shack Conservation Group, much needed repair and upgrade work has been completed on the well known fishing hut at the point of Robberg Peninsula. The total cost of the project was R241,000, which was raised by donations from forty individuals and businesses. The hut now provides an opportunity for groups of up to eight people to have a great outdoor experience in a very unique location. Bookings can be done through Cape Nature Conservation.

A day to remember
Two local teenagers recently became overnight heroes when they saved not one, but two men from drowning off Keurboomstrand beach on the same day in seperate incidents.  The two boys were boogie boarding when they noticed the first of the men in trouble.  The paddled out to him and helped the man back to the beach with him holding onto thier boards.  Then on thier way home, they noticed a second man caught in a riptide.  Using thier fins (flippers), they also brought this lucky chap to the beach.  Now that's what you call an eventfulday.  Well done guys!!

George Airport upgrade
The final stage of the R42 million renovation of the George Airport will commence towards the end of January.  The upgrades will more than double the number of passengers that can be processed by the arrivals and departure facilities, as well as provide substantially better services for passengers.  Travellers will see major changes to the appearance and spaciousness of the airport, which will also include a welcome air conditioning system.  The upstairs restaurant is also getting a much needed facelift.  Let's hope the food follows as well.

The Kango Caves need help
The Kango Caves have been a jewel in the crown of South Africa's natual wonders for almost 100 years now.  In 1927, the decision was taken to leave the management of the caves to the local municipality, so as to prevent this function falling into private hands.  Now it seems that the municipality has lost it's appetite to look after this national treasure.  The Cave manager has come forward and openly criticised his employer for losing interest in the caves, with the result that the caves are in danger of falling into disrepair.  New equipment to monitor environmental changes in the caves broke down two years ago, and have not been fixed or replaced.
It is inescapable that human being are having a detrimental impact on the caves.  But this impact can be managed and controlled by implementing fairly simple measures.  This will slow down the deterioration of the caves and prolong thier life for future generations.

More delays for Knysna bypass
Continuous objections to the proposed route of the Knysna bypass, have resulted in SA National Road Agency asking that  all plans are put on hold until the viability of a route further inland can be properly investigated.  In the 1970's when the bypass was first proposed, the viability of a route more to the North was discounted due to cost.  At that time, the preferred cheaper route did not impose on the residential districts of Knysna, however 30 years later this is no longer the case, hence the protests by affected groups.
The preferred route will cost R500 million to build, but will only cut 10 mins off travelling time out of peak season. The benefit will really be felt in the season, which traffic in Knysna can become unbearable.

Plett  - a safer place to be
Plett can have the lowest crime rate in the country.  This is the message from the municipality and the Chamber of Business.  An example of a successful partnership between business and government is the Bambanani project, which drawns unemployed persons into groups that patrol the CBD and central areas.  These patrols have seen a drastic reduction in petty crime and housebreaking in these areas.

Upcoming holidays
21 March - Human Rights Day
24 March - 10 April School Holidays inland provinces
31 March - 15 April School Holidays coastal provinces
6 April - Good Friday
9 April - Family Day
27 April - Freedom Day
30 April - School holiday
1 May - Workers Day

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