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Back in the swing of things
Most of our seasonal visitors may have left, but this buzz has been replaced with the sound of construction as builders return from thier holidays.  Currently there are 3 big projects on the go in the CBD, and each will add significant value to our town.  We especially look forward to the completion of The Bridge opposite Mellville`s Corner and the facelift of the old Shoprite building which has been long overdue.

The Political Game
This is an election year, which is generally a year in which nothing of substance gets done because politicians don`t like to commit to projects or budgets which they may not end up running.  We are still unsure if our mayor will stand for re-election (assuming the ANC wins local elections) as the official list has not yet been submitted to the electoral commission for authorisation.

Tourism gets on track
Plett tourism may finally have turned the corner.  After years of mediocre performance and frustration, which has seen Plett fall light years behind our tourism competitors on the Garden Route, we now have what seems to be a structure and leader who can take us to the next level.  Our municipality has finally bought into the idea that if tourism in Plett is nurtured and grown, employment will increase, businesses and property values will increase, and the municipality`s coffers will fill up.
After months of interviews, Dianna Martin has been selected as our new CEO of Plett Tourism.  She has extensive experience in the Tourism sector with the Limpopo Province, Southern Sun and Hyatt International.  Her job will be to make sure that we start selling ourselves, rather than just relying on those folks who have already discovered Plett as the best beach destination in South Africa.  Good Luck Dianna!

Daytrips around Plett - Part 1
In the next few issues we will share our favorite daytrips in the area with you.  We hope that some of these will be new to you, even if you are a veteran Plett visitor.
Jubilee Creek, Rheenendal
Without a doubt the prettiest picnic spot we have found. (in the world) Gold was found in the beautiful stream that divides the grassy banks of the picnic area in the 1700`s.  Further upstream are the remains of old diggings and mines, and a waterfall which spills into a pitch black swimming hole.  Jubilee  Creek is in the heart of the Rheenendal Nature Reserve, and indigenous trees tower overhead.  To get there, take the Rheenendal road turnoff just South of Knysna off the N2, and follow the Millwood Gold Fields signs.

`The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience` - Eleanor Rooseveldt

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