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Talk about an Indian Summer!

Those of you who were lucky enough to visit Plett over the last few weeks enjoyed December's weather that arrived six months late.  This meant that all the Knysna Oyster Festival sporting events took place in brilliant sunshine.  If you want to check your time visit
where it can be fun, or not so fun as in my case, to compare results with your friends and family.

Word on the street is that the night MTB ride that took place half way through the festival week was a huge success, and some have called this the most fun and enjoyable event of the festival.  Teams of two riders were given a map and had to reach a number of marshal points in the shortest time.  Something to seriously consider for next year.

Local News

- Plans are afoot to redevelop the two existing Rondavel huts on Robberg Peninsula.  Originally built by the Thesen and families as overnight hiking huts, they have fallen into disrepair.  Cash strapped Cape Nature Conservation who is responsible for maintaining them, will rent the huts to the developers for a fixed period.  The scheme proposed by a well known local developer, will include the addition of decks and small  pools, and of course a total refurbishment of the interior.  Some interested local parties have opposed this move as they argue the plans will fundamentally change the rustic nature of the huts.
- Plett's Central Beach has also been spotted on the redevelopment radar.  The existing wooden structure which currently houses the popular Moby Dicks restaurant will be demolished and rebuilt.  Proposals have been called for and it is envisaged that work will commence early in 2006.  It is certainly my opinion that this prime piece of real estate has been hugely under-utilised.
- Did you know we have our own Barefoot Festival that runs from 28 September to 3 October 2005?  Visit the site for more info.

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