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Upgrade Gets Off The Ground
Before the end of the year it may be possible to fly directly to Plett from Johannesburg on scheduled SAA Airlink flights.  This is the opinion of Plett's municipal manager, George Seitisho.
A few smaller airports have been identified by national government for upgrades, and it sounds like Plett is one of them.  Funds have been approved by National Treasury and it is hoped that a Public Private Partnership to run and manage the airport will also be approved.  The airport will be class 4 compliant which is the standard used for commercial flghts such as those proposed by SAA Airlnk.  This will also entail lengthening the runway by 100m to accommodate larger jets.
It is also envisaged that Plettenberg Bay could benefit from an overflow of visitors during the 2010 World Cup tournament due to a shortage of accommodation in the host cities, if a reliable, quick transport link exists with Plett.

Old Cottage Has New Life
Many years ago Plett's Main Street was lined with whitewashed fisherman cottages.  Families dependant on the ocean lived in them for generations.  Slowly of course these old cottages dissappeared, except for one which has survived all the building booms intact and has recently been completely renovated and restored.
The building now houses the Nguni Restaurant and has been structured so that it can be used as a performing arts venue as well.
The cottage was once occupied by the family of Capt Robert Harker, an officer of the British armed forces, who lived in Plett from 1826 to 1859 when he died in what is now known as Harkerville.  He is buried along with his daughter, son, and wife at the Harker Family grave site at the base of the hill on Beacon Way.

Digging Deep
Hoffman's cave on Robberg Peninsula is being excavated for archeological purposes for the first time since the 1950's.  The dig is being led by a team from UCT.  The results of the original dig performed more than 50 years ago, are considered to be flawed because not all the excavated material was examined and recorded at that time.
The cave was occupied by San people some 3000 - 4000 years ago, who lived a settled life by surviving on food derived from seals, marine birds and marine predators.

George Host City?
The city of George has launched a serious bid to host one of the 2010 soccer world cup teams.  The municipality announced that tenders have been invited to develop a 32000 seat stadium on municipal land, that can be used for practice games before and during the tournament.  George is hoping that this along with experience and exposure gained from hosting previous international events like the President's Cup and Women's World Cup of Golf, will give them an edge over rival towns like Worcester, Paarl and Beaufort West, who are also hoping to be accepted as potential host cities.

Thursday 9 August - Womens Day
Friday 10 August - School holiday

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