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Old Big Foot
A recent study by an American university has found evidence that at least five female elephants are living in the forests surrounding Knysna. The evidence was gathered by studying faecal DNA, which results from fibrous vegetation that scrapes the walls of the intestines as it passes. The study suggests that breeding is taking place as previously only one female was known to exist. However Sanparks remains sceptical, as photos taken seem to indicate one lone animal. If breeding is taking place, one wonders where the males are?

We're here all week
The Knysna Oyster Festival this year will have an unusual addition to the events calendar. Yes folks, finally the brass have realised where the real talent in the country lies. Idols is coming to town. The producers of the show have decided to skip cities like Durban and PE, and include smaller towns in a bid to keep the appeal of the show fresh.
Personally I can't wait to see some local fishermen, rasta's and tree huggers doing thier thing.

In with the New
Big plans for Plett are pending if you believe the politicians. At a recent conference plans were unveiled for some major changes to the urban landscape of Plett. These include the creation of a small boat harbour at the mouth of the Piesang River, moving the municipal and other goverment offices to Ladywood, a new industrial park and a housing development for low income earners on Marine Drive.
Those who have been around for a while will realise that none of this is new. The town planning consulting firm Concept Works were hired years ago to come up with a solution, and the detailed drawings and plans have been available for inspection at the town planning office for over a year. The only change is that a tentative time frame of five years has been stated in the press, with work commencing in 18 months.

Oyster Green?
Not many people know about Oyster Bay, which is situated close to Cape St Francis, about 100km North of Plettenberg Bay.  It was once mooted as a favorite holiday town of the old Nats.  I recently visited this town which is located rather inconveniently at the end of a long dirt road.  It can safely be said that there is nothing much happening in Oyster Bay.
This may all change radically in the near future.  Oyster Bay is on Eskom's shortlist of five possible locations for a second nuclear power station somewhere in the Cape.  The land in question at Thyspunt has long been owned by Eskom, and the idea of a nuclear power facility being constructed there is not new.
There is the small matter of an environmental impact assessment to be completed of course.  This will I imagine be difficult.  Property speculators beware.

June/July Events
6 - 15 July 2007 Knysna Oyster Festival 
- 7 July Mountain bike events
- 8 July Road bike events
- 14 July Forest Marathon
For a complete list of activities visit

28 - 30 June Wedge Classic Body Boarding Challenge Hobie Beach Plettenberg Bay

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