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Main Street Upgrades
It looks more unlikely by the day that phase 1 of the upgrades to Main Street will be completed by the start of the Easter weekend.  Bearing in mind that much of this work was meant to have been done before the December rush, this is quite dissappointing.  Of course the shopkeepers on both sides of Main Street have been the worst affected by the slow progress.  I have heard numerous complaints about unskilled workmanship and lack of supervision.  However, let's all hope that the end product will look something like the artist's impression portrayed on the billboard, which itself seems to be in need of TLC.

Dogs to the Rescue
Two Labrador dogs have been recognised by the Plett NSRI station for thier part in assisting with the rescue of thier owner on Robberg beach.  Man and dogs were overcome by a freak wave and washed out to sea.  Both dogs managed to get back to shore but thier master was swept further away despite numerous attempts to swim back.  The dogs ran up and down the beach barking madly until some boys with boogie boards were allerted to the situation and brought the man back to safety.

Rare Whales Beached
Three rare beaked whales have washed up along the Eastern Coast in the last few months.  St Francis Bay saw two of these very deep water mammals wash up this weekend.  Very little is known about these whales except that they normally dive to depths of over 1000m and are seldom seen.  Although it is very difficult to establish the exact reason for the strandings, the use of low level sonars by navies have been linked to stranding in other parts of the world.  Recently the US navy were ordered by a US court to stop the worldwide rollout of a new high-intensity sonar system due it's detrimental affect on marine mammals and fish.

Word's biggest hot cross bun
The Beacon Isle Kwikspar in Plett will attempt to break the world record for baking the biggest hot cross bun.  It is estimated that the bun will weight 180kg and will take 19 hours to bake.  This is all good and well, but what about the poor dad (guess who) who specially got up early this Sunday to catch the first ,out of the oven hot cross buns, only to find that yesterday's buns were the only one's on offer.  Maybe they are saving all the dough for the big event.

Events over Easter
1. 31 March - 7 April Klein Karoo Nationale Kunstefees in Oudtshoorn
4. 8 April Kurland Easter Polo festival Final at Kurland Polo Estate, which will include the usual array of food and craft stalls

Public Holidays April 2007
Friday 6 April
Monday 9 April
Friday 27 April
Monday 30 April (school holiday)

We would like to wish you all a happy Easter, and a VERY safe drive to wherever you may be travelling over the next few weeks.

The Accommodation Bureau Team


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