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Knysna Oyster Festival
The 2007 Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival, or just 'Oyster festival' for us regular people, promises to be bigger and better than the previous 26 festivals put together.  Ok, I'm exagerrating, but there are some nice additions to this year's festival which are worth a mention, like the Young Oyster Festival which will be held in collaboration with a youth company from Stellenbosch University.  Events will include puppet shows, a Mask and Movement workshop, teen cabaret and cooking course.  So there you have it.  No longer is the Oyster festival only for grownups.

The festival will run from 6 - 15 July 2007, and some of the event highlights are as follows:
6 July Pezula Charity Gala Evening - Zachary's Restaurant
7 July Mountain bike events
8 July Road bike events
14 July Forest Marathon

For a complete list of activities visit

A Bird in the Hand
It was recently proposed that at least six birding routes should be established in the Southern Cape before 2010.  There are 9000 species of birds in the world, of which 950 occur in the Southern Cape.  With only a handful of birding routes currently in place, this market is being drastically under-utilised.
Other birding routes in the Limpopo and Zululand provinces, earn in excess of R50 million a year for the tourism industry.  Much of this income is earned by the local population in sparsely populated areas.

Castle For Sale
One of the landmark Noetzie castle homes is on sale for R56 million.  The castle is currently owned by the Pezula Group.  The last time one of the Noetzie castles was sold it fetched R25 million.  This was several years ago.  The castle was built as a holiday house by Herbert Henderson in 1932 from the natural stone found on the site.  There are two dwellings both of which have been completely restored and upgraded to include running water and electricity.  I would hope so at that price.  Interested?  Pam Golding Knysna have been granted a sole mandate on this one.

Main Street - Almost There
Phase one of the upgrade to Main Street is almost complete and the road has been opened to two way traffic once again.  The collective sigh of relief from Plett shop owners was almost audible.  Phase one cost R8million, and it is expected that phase two, which will see the improvements extended down to Gibb Str, will cost as much.  No-one is accepting bets on when phase two will get underway or be completed.

Scrap Metal
The non-governmental organisation People for People have recently removed 600 tons of scrap metal from the Plettenberg Bay area as part of a recycling and community awareness project.  The organisation also employs 20 - 30 people on a full time and casual basis to collect and process steel from yards, dumping sites, fields and rivers.  The organisation has been active in the Western and Eastern Cape areas since July 2006, and hope to expand nationally soon.

Upcoming Events
28 - 30 June Wedge Classic Body Boarding Challenge Hobie Beach Plettenberg Bay

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