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Country Club wins battle
Good news for all you golfers out there.  The Plett Country Club has won it`s case against the Municipality who served notice that it wanted to cancel the club`s lease agreement 18 months ago.  The lease agreement which was signed in 1994 provided for a nominal rental of R1 per year.  Judge Moosa in his ruling stated that he could find no legal precedent for a local government authority to repossess leased land for the purpose of raising funds.
This is viewed as a landmark decision, because a decision in favour of the municipality could have potentially opened a floodgate of public golf course sales across the country.  Such sales would have seen the advent of even more exclusive golf course developments, moving the game further into the `priviledged` bracket.

Municipality defies SDF
The Plett municipality have caused more controversy by agreeing to allow further developments to occur outside the `urban edge`.  This flies in the face of the new Spatial Development Framework approved by government recently, which aims to curb the expansion of developments that threaten sensitive environmental areas.  This conflict may well result in further legal battles.

Central Beach keeps restaurant
The popular Moby Dicks restaurant on Central Beach has finally been granted an extension on thier lease to cover the upcoming high season.  This is good news for all visitors this year, as the restaurant would be sorely missed by all those looking for a cold frostie after a long day in the sun.

Traffic to flow over season
All stop/start points on the N2 that are in place as part of the massive upgrade project will be removed during the December busy season.  However traffic departments have warned that they will increase speed controls and road blocks.  The speed limit on sections under repair will be 60km/h.

Choo-Tjoe will roll again
Repairs to the railway line between Wilderness and George that is used by the popular Outeniqua Choo-Tjoe steam train are on course to be completed by the festive season.  High wave action resulted in severe damage to this section of the line in January.

Freak tides
Earth and heavenly forces combined recently to cause exceptionally high tides in Knysna that resulted in several streets flooding.  The sun and the moon both exerted thier gravitational pull in one direction.  Mars is also the closest it has been to the earth in a hundred years.  These factors combined with a gale force Westerly pushed water over the sea wall.

Healthy tips for the festive season
- If you are going to a party, don`t go hungry.  Have a light snack before you leave.
- Taste everything, but watch your portions.
- Keep up your exercise routine.  Contact Plett Health and Fitness Centre 0445332468
- Go for a walk after a big meal.  It is safe to do this in Plett, and you will no doubt meet many a stroller along the way.

Polo in Plett
29 December will see another episode of the annual international polo match between SA and England at the Kurland Polo grounds.  Here is a list of essential items to bring along on the day: Binoculars, chairs, umbrella, sunscreen, hats and as much liquid refreshment as you can carry.  You will also want to get there fairly early, as the best spots fill up quickly.

Extreme Gravity Challenge
Sunday, 18 December will see a repeat of last year`s extremely successful Gravity Challenge.  The morning will see skateboarders doing some downhill extreme racing, and in the afternoon the Motorsport Hill Climb event will take place.

We wish you all a great festive season, from everyone at the Accommodation Bureau

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