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Fishermen not welcome 
Cape Nature Conservation has decided to commence with the original proposal to upgrade the two historic rondavel huts on the Robberg Nature Reserve. The original proposal was put forward by private developers lead by Peter Behr of Kurland Polo Estate. This proposal will see the huts be completely transformed into exclusive dwellings. The Plettenberg Bay Community Environment Forum put forward a more eco-friendly counter proposal, which has been rejected because it is inferior to the first in both job creation and projected income

IKASI, coming to a theatre near you 
Clyde Berning, son of well known local doctor Peter Berning, has started a unique film project in Plett's under-priviledged areas. Clyde decided to use some downtime resulting from a mysterious illness to try a formula for filmaking that has become popular in Nigeria. What happens is that people go into the streets and film little stories that are packaged and sold on DVD to the local community. The film industry is literally supported by the community itself.
Berning's film Ikasi was written in a week, and is about a young white male, played by Berning himself who has a degree in drama from UCT, who settles in a black township.

Two enterprising Knysna businessmen have imported a fleet of London taxi cabs to South Africa. The company called SA Cab, runs a 24 hour call centre, and the cabs will operate in most SA cities, including 5 in Knysna and 2 in Plett.

Kaaimans Pass
The Kaaimans Pass between George and Wilderness has been opened to two lanes of traffic with no vehicle weight restrictions. Engineers are working on a bridge type structure to support the third lane that has collapsed due to a part of the mountainside that has started slipping into the sea.
This means that high season traffic should flow with realtive ease through the pass, as long as further heavy rains do not occur.

Property Prices
Has a buyers market arrived on the Garden Route? Although I think it is too early to make this call now, there are signs that momentum may be in this direction. Asking prices on top end homes are coming down, supply is increasing and speculators who bought in the height of the property boom over the last 5 years, are being squeezed by higher interest rates.
One should not be too hasty though. Many property owners had unrealistic expectations of selling prices, and therefore many price decreases are a result of this, and may not necessarily reflect good value yet.

The one that got away
George Seitisho, Plett's suspended municipal manager, has been reinstated after the advocate presiding over the disciplinary hearing, found the evidence that was presented to be unreliable.
The municipality stated that it was satisfied with the outcome of the hearing, and would not appeal against it.
Seitisho and former mayor Wildeman were both accused of using municipal credit cards for personal expenses, as well as being overpaid for expenses incurred on an overseas trip.

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