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2014 Season Events
This year has almost run its course and every year we are amazed at how fast the time has gone.    Time to take stock of what has been achieved and what still remains to be done before we can relax in our place in the sun.    Are you already planning your Xmas dinner or shopping for presents?     Well, maybe it’s time to plan your holiday activities as well.    Plett tourism has a full day-by-day programme of all scheduled holiday activities on their website

Polo will once again take centre stage in Plett this December, kicking off with the Cape Classic which will run from Sun. Dec. 08 to Dec. 15, followed by a number of events scheduled throughout the holiday period, with the traditional international polo match scheduled for Dec. 29 at Kurland.

On Friday Dec.13 go to Central Beach for the Nippers Flags and on Sun.Dec.15 an Aviation Day will be held at the Plettenberg Bay airport.   On the Day of Reconciliation Mon Dec.11 a must for your diary is the Plett Street Festival  to take place in Main Street – always a vibrant and colourful  experience!   Apart from the polo at both venues, there will also be Vodacom Volley Ball at the Summer Arena on Central Beach.

On Thursday 19 Dec. catch Wendy Oldfield and Joe van der Linden at the Surf  Café and an art exhibition entitled “By the Sea” at the White House.    On Mon 23rd of Dec. make a note to see Mel Botes  at the Barn in “The Dark Side of the Moon”.    On Thurs 26 Dec. the younger ones might want to go to  the Mountain Dew Skateboard and BMX event at the car park at Central Beach.   Or how about a Bob Dylan tribute at the Barn?   Be one of the revellers at the New Year Party with Clint & Co at The Barn.

Just to remind you of our other year- round events such as the Harkerville Saturday Market  on the N2 between Knysna and Plettenberg Bay from  8am – 12pm where we all meet for breakfast, a browse and a chat.  Please join us there!

When you have run out of ideas to entertain the kids phone Wild X Adventures at 0796134351 for activities such as Quad Bike rides or some Paintball fun.   They will love the Water Park at Adventure Land. 12 km from Plett on the N2 towards Knysna.      To find out more  or to book for any of these activities ,  go to the Market Square Info Centre  [next to Mugg and Bean].

New Fynbos species found
A new and rare species of fynbos has been discovered near Plettenberg Bay, the Robberg Coastal Corridor  Landowners’ Association announced.   It was found on a 16 km strip of land between Robberg and Harkerville.    The new plant, Psoralea vanberkela,  with a unique purple and white flower and part of the family Fabaceae, further enhances the Robberg  Coastal Corridor’s reputation of being home to several  rare species.   The threat of extinction makes such a find very significant as more than half of the known extinctions have been in the Western Cape.   The Landowners’ Association has been vigorously campaigning to have the area proclaimed a protected environment.

White Whale
A  few weeks ago a 'white' Southern Right whale calf passing through our bay with its mother.   Being white or an albino happens when the skin is lacking in pigment caused by the absence of an enzyme producing melanin.   Albinoism in animals is problematic as they struggle to camouflage themselves and they are also at greater risk of skin disease.    In Southern Right whales 3.5% of calves are white but have black collars around  the neck and black spots along the body.   In Southern Right Whales this is caused by a recessive gene that affects males.  [94% of white calves are males].

Blue Flags
Finally we end with some great news!    The blue flags are fluttering  on 4 beaches in Plett.   Keurbooms Beach, Lookout Beach, Robberg No 5 and Nature’s Valley have all been awarded Blue Flag status.   Congratulations to all who have toiled behind the scenes to make these awards possible.   While on the topic of awards Zinzis restaurant at Hunter’s  Lodge has again been singled out for its excellent cuisine and service.   Another must for that to-do list for when you are in Plett.

It remains for us to wish everyone a very happy holiday, with a special emphasis on those visiting Plett.
Most importantly, let's all be safe on the roads when travelling.

Until Next Time
The Accommodation Bureau Team


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