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We've made it through the dreary Winter months, and from here on it's a downhill run to the beach.  In fact it is downhill to all of Plett's beaches, the problem is the walk back if you are without transport.  This brings me to the main message of this newsletter, which is planning.  It's time to plan your year end holidays now.  The houses and apartments that we let out are going fast, and if you leave things too late, you may be facing an uphill struggle to find the right accommodation for your family.

To help you with this process, we have included some helpful hints and tips below that you may want to remember the next time you rent holiday accommodation.

But first some.........

Local News
- Plans are afoot to redevelop the two existing Rondavel huts on Robberg Peninsula. Originally built as overnight hiking huts, they have fallen into disrepair. Cash strapped Cape Nature Conservation who is responsible for maintaining them, will rent the huts to the developers for a fixed period. The scheme proposed by a well known local developer, will include the addition of decks and small pools, and of course a total refurbishment of the interior. Some interested local parties have opposed this move as they argue the plans will fundamentally change the rustic nature of the huts.

- Plett's Central Beach has also been spotted on the redevelopment radar. The existing wooden structure which currently houses the popular Moby Dicks restaurant will be demolished and rebuilt. Proposals have been called for and it is envisaged that work will commence early in 2006. It is certainly my opinion that this prime piece of real estate has been hugely under-utilised.

- SAA has recently announced that as from 1 October 2005, it will no longer service the Johannesburg/George and Port Elizabeth/Durban routes, because they are no longer profitable.  SAA has agreed however, that sufficient flights will be provided to cater for the coming holiday traffic during the December/January 2005/6 season.  No agreement has been reached for the 2006/7 season yet.  SA Express will continue to service these routes with smaller planes. Nationwide and Kulula both currently operate on the Johanessburg/George route as well.

- Heritage Western Cape has stepped in to block a proposed 25 room lodge being developed on Plett's famous Signal Hill.  The site has a rich history, and provides stunning views over Formosa Bay for all to enjoy.  The Signal Hill Action Group led by Dr Hilton Davies, were largely responsible for preventing the development.

Ask your agent
Choosing the right property for your holiday can be a stressful experience, but arriving at your destination only to find that none of the things your really wanted in a property are present, can be a lot more stressful.  This is why spending a little more time and energy in the selection process, will be an investment you will not regret.  Remember that your agent and you are partners in this process.  Both of you want the same thing, and that is for you to have the best possible time.
Collectively we have a wealth of knowledge of Plettenberg Bay and the properties that we rent out, and we have a very good idea what kind of person would suit which property.  Here are some points we have compiled that may help you in the future to have a better holiday experience.

- Think of the things you like about your own home, or friend's/relatives homes.  Do you want privacy or a big open yard for the kids to romp?
- Remember that not everyone can be 'on the beach', and in fact being slightly away from the beach also has it's advantages.  The overwhelming majority of people drive to the beach even if they are within a 5 minute walk.  In Plett, you can drive to the beach from anywhere within 5 minutes.
- It is important to have a budget in mind.  Even if a property may seem slghtly out of your price range, ask the agent about a discount if you intend to rent for a time longer than two weeks.

In our next newsletter (October), we will explore some basic, nitty gritty stuff you should consider as well.

From 28 Sept to 2 October, Plett will be well and truly in barefoot mode, proving once again that shoes are not big in Plett.  The list of activities over the 5 day Barefoot Festival is long.  Visit the fun web site for more information.

Knysna's lesser known Gastronomica Festival also takes place over this time from 23 Sept - 1 October.  You guessed it, this one is mainly about food.  Even the films being shown have food as thier theme.

Aim of our Newsletter
We aim to improve our customer’s holiday experience in Plettenberg Bay by making sure that they are informed of tourist related activities and by sharing our local knowledge of the area.


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