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Do the Hoekwil Hop
The good wife and I recently found ourselves at Swartvlei just outside Wilderness for the weekend.  On Saturday we decided to take a drive, mainly to try and get baby Mia to sleep, but also to see if we could find the little hamlet tucked away in the hills overlooking Wilderness, called Hoekwil.
Hoekwil has it`s very own sign on the N2 in Wilderness.  The road meanders through marshy plains before starting the rather hairy climb to the top of Wilderness Heights.  The name sais it all.  Your nerves of steel are rewarded with breathtaking views down to Wlderness, over the lakes and the sea.
A few more km`s and Hoekwil appears in all it`s `blink and you`ll miss it` quaint glory.  It is the quintessential small town - NG Kerk, general dealer, school, police station, post office - that`s it.   But the setting is beautiful.
The huge map painted on the wall next to the general dealer gives you various options for the drive back, one of which is the old Knysna/George road which is a national monument. (highly recommended)

The 5% Problem
Plett`s Roodefontein dam which is situated on the Piesang River, mysteriously dropped down to a dangerous level of 5%, literally overnight.  This lead to various rumours that the sluce gates had been accidentally left open.  As it turned out this was partly true.  Golfers at the Plett Country Club reported seeing water flowing out of the open sluce gate.  However a report delivered to the provincial director of water and energy affairs, put the blame on a faulty valve.  Whatever the cause, stringent water restrictions have been implemented, and no watering of gardens is allowed at all.

Just when you thought it was safe
The notorious Great White shark known as the Robberg Express caused some concern recently when it was spotted just beyond the breakers at Lookout beach.  The NSRI prudently sent a message to all lifeguard stations to call bathers out the water at all beaches.  This shark was not sighted again for a few hours and eventually those brave enough were allowed back in the sea.  It is thought that this shark was responsible for the 1994 attack on well know local, and champion body boarder Neil Stephenson.

Flying sparks
It turns out the cause of numerous fires along the rail line between Knysna nd George have been linked to the steam driven Outeniqua Choo Tjoe.  Flying sparks coupled with very dry conditions are a recipe for disaster, and some pockets of indigenous bush have been affected.  We can only hope that no major fires result from this.

Scotty - we need more power!
We would like to thank everyone for thier patience during this time when getting things done has been very difficult between rolling power cuts that have affected the Western Cape.  The latest is that things should be back to normal by the weekend, but some reports say that we could be facing continuing problems until the second reactor at Koeberg is repaired.  This could take up to 6 months.

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