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Volume 3 of the Plettenberg Bay Ratepayers and
Residents Association newsletter has just been completed
and posted, and you should be receiving a copy soon.
The most important points dealt with in the newsletter are:
- Auditor General’s Report on the affairs of Plett Municipality
- New tourism initiative for Plett
- Provincial Spatial Development Framework
Please note that the mid-year PBRA meeting will be held
On 28 June at Piesang Valley Community Hall at 17:30.
I will attend the meeting and report back on any significant
happenings for the benefit of those who cannot be there.
Please let our office know if you do not receive a copy of
The Plett Ratepayers Newsletter in the post soon.  We can
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I will now quickly summarise the most important points for you.
Plett Ratepayers Newsletter
Auditor Generals Report
As a result of this report and the media coverage given to it,
the Mayor and Municipal Manager appeared before the Standing
Committee on Public Accounts in Cape Town.  The outcome of this
process was disappointing.  Very little attention was given to the
suspect credit card transactions incurred by these two, as well as
other suspect financial events that were highlighted in the report.
Certainly no form of action will be taken against them.  Peter Gardiner
who attended the hearing, will provide more feedback at the ratepayers
meeting later this month.
New Tourism Initiative
It seems as if significant progress has been made on this front.  The Council
has committed R1m to Tourism in the 2005/6 year.  It is likely that this
will increase to R4m over the next 4 years.  But probably the most
important development here, is that Council has realised that
the tourism function cannot be left to the local Tourism office,
who do not have the financial means to make an impact
in the market.  A Task Team has been established, and a Director
of Tourism should be appointed soon.
Provincial Spatial Development Framework
Now in it’s final draft, this plan should go a long way towards
curtailing the rampant development that is occurring in the
Western and Southern Cape on ecologically sensitive land.
The plan basically calls for ‘urban edges’ to be established,
that will provide the boundaries for urban development.
Building projects outside these boundaries will only be allowed
under very stringent guidelines.  The implementation of this
plan could deal a severe blow to golf course developments
that have not already been granted planning permission.
- It is envisaged that the Knysna by-pass will be completed
in time for the 2010 Soccer World Cup.
- Construction continues on the N2 between Plett and George.
The large traffic circle at the entrance to Plett is still not finished, and
is now running about 8 months overdue.  Street lights have been
erected on the N2 approaching Plett from Knysna, which will
certainly make this stretch somewhat safer at night.
If you currently let your home in Plett through us, you will shortly
be receiving your mandate for 2006/7 from us.  These will be posted
with your June statements.
It is vital that you sign and send these back to us.  According to
the code of ethics published by the Estate Agency Affairs Board,
agents cannot sell or let property on behalf of owners if they
do not have a mandate to do so.
Until next time…..
The Accommodation Bureau Team
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