Ericaville Tea Tours – Plettenberg Bay

31st October 2019

Experience indigenous culture with a true taste of this area.

The Southern Cape coastline is the only area in the world where honeybush and rooibos tea grow naturally, and Ericaville Farm, located just outside Plett, is perfectly positioned to farm and harvest for both of these sought-after beverages. 

The farm currently boasts a variety of seven natural and flavoured teas and tours are hosted by The Manger Stays and Tours, situated just outside the Griqua settlement of Kranshoek. 

Ericaville Farm is run by a trust and maintained through various Expanded Public Works projects, exporting the majority of its tea (95%) through the EU Fairtrade Principle for the past decade


The Manger Tours now offers a unique tea tour experience to visitors that will entail:
•    A brief history, plant classification, medicinal properties and instruction on how to cultivate and harvest honeybush and Rooibos tea at Ericaville.
•    A Drive through Kranshoek to visit Traditional Knowledge Holders to explain their relationship with the natural resources and experience the traditional “Riel Dans”
•    Back for a tasting of honeybush tea plus Honeybush Flavoured accompaniments (Honeybush flavoured lemon meringue and milk tart) at The Manger
•    On offer also traditional farm-style meals by booking (24hr notice) – (Tripe, Roosterbrood, Potjiekos)


During the natural harvest time of the Honeybush during August September, the farm will also offer wild harvesting. This will give tourists the opportunity to identify the plant in the wild, harvesting it in its natural environment and be explained through the drying process.


Enjoy the full harvesting experience. From growing to having a beautiful cup of tea. The tea is also on offer for sale on the farm.


To book or for more information contact: 
Rene Johnson on 079 089 9062
Stanley Macbean on 076 874 3652