Acts Of Kindness - Kwik Spar Plettenberg Bay

12th May 2020

Support Local Business

Supporting Local businesses during COVID 19 Lockdown

With the lockdown weighing heavy on customers and businesses alike, a local retailer has truly stepped up to the plate during the national crisis.


Many restaurants have elected not to open for takeaway service delisted the relaxation of lockdown regulations in Level 4, mainly due to the high price of operating kitchens damning any hopes of making a genuine charge for profits. 


To mitigate some of this misery, Beacon Island Kwik Spar in Plettenberg Bay, is offering local stores and restaurants shelf space to help them survive during the Covid-19 lockdown.


“Support the guys who can’t welcome you into their businesses,” Beacon Isle Kwikspar urged its customers.


Kwik Spar is currently stocking a large range of products from local shops, as well as meals prepared by four restaurants who are unable to open during the lockdown. Currently on sale are products from Zanzos, Ouland Royale, Roost, and Clares.

The store said they are not adding any markups to the products, which are being sold at the same price as from their businesses. 


“As the sun sets over our store tonight, we are overwhelmed with gratitude. We are open, we are serving our community and our staff are able to earn an income while we are doing what we love,” said the store.


“As business owners, now more than ever, we need to support each other.”