The Best Virtual 'hikes' In Plett

22nd June 2020

‘Hike’ Plett's most scenic routes without leaving your couch

After weeks of being cooped up indoors under lockdown, travel, and in some places even outdoor walks and hikes remain a distant dream. 


There is an increasing number of virtual travel options popping up online. Although they may not replace the real thing, they may at least satiate some of the urge to travel for the time being.


If you have a propensity for more physical outdoor activities, though, you can also go on virtual walks along some of South Africa's most scenic routes. Although they will not exercise more than your index finger, they might help you relive memories of the outside world, or dream up a post-lockdown adventure.


Many of the virtual hikes are courtesy of a partnership between Google and South African Tourism - and they allow you to summit Lion's Head, walk the famous Otter Trail, and even embark on a walking safari through the Kruger National Park.


These are some of the best virtual walks you can take in the Garden Route without leaving the comfort of your couch. To take advantage of all the features, it is best to use Google's Chrome browser.