Sky Xc Enduro 2021

10th November 2021

An MTB Event for all riders on the brand-new Sky Trails, Plettenberg Bay.

Event Date: 04 December, 2021

The race format will be "Enduro": Its such fun!! In an Enduro only the downhill segments of the route are timed. In this case we will have 6 timed stages.

Riders wear a time-chip on their wrist and clock-in and clock-out at the top and bottom of each run. The total ride is about 20km with 600m elevation.


In short, it's you against the track. Traditionally riders pre-ride the trails a few times to prepare themselves. But in this case we have no dangerous features so riding it "blind' is what true enduro is all about. The fastest time, over ALL six stages, is the winner. It's loads of fun and a very social affair as you don't have to haul up the hills. Rather ride slow, even walk. Chat to your mates about the last run and the next.. Its really catching. Come Play.


You will be entered into categories by age at registration (Hence the request for ID no.). Online registrations only. E-bikes welcome.


This is a fun event. There will be some prizes, but as you will see, Everyone is a winner at an Enduro.